Research proposal dealing with architectural design.

Research proposal dealing with architectural design.

The construction of a roller coaster would serve to attract additional business to this area of the city, further enhancing our ability for economic improvement and revitalization of other structures in the general downtown area. This paper will outline the background of this project, illustrate examples of other cities that have capitalized on small-scale entertainment parks, detail the specifics of the roller coaster itself and enumerate the requirements we would need to invest to make this proposal a reality.

When determining the best use for this land, it is appropriate to take a look into the existing facilities in the immediate vicinity. This property lies approximately one half mile from the very large Veteran’s Park along Lake Michigan and less than a quarter of a mile from the River Walk along the Milwaukee River (Mapquest, 2006). This area is described as already thriving with traditional park-like activities. Veteran’s Park itself is bordered by McKinley Marina, the Milwaukee Art Museum complex, a large veteran’s memorial, the 76 Bike Trail, Lake Michigan access, large duck and geese ponds, paddleboats for rent, rollerblading and large fields for kite flying (AOL Cityguide, 2005). Betsa Marsh (2005) describes the River Walk as having “steps leading down to the river and circular overlooks just above the waves. The route is festooned with flower-draped lampposts, public art and benches just made for cracking open a book. Tiny bump-outs seem like perfect spots for moonlit kisses. Dozens of stores, cafes and bars with river frontage invite pedestrians to linger, browse and buy.” With these kinds of large scale park activities covering outdoor sports and leisure, boating, art, theater and providing room for large gatherings and activities, there is little need in the vicinity for another completely green park area.


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