Researched Argument Paper

Read the assignment overview and guidelines thoroughly and actively:  Researched Argument Paper Assignment Guidelines
Due date: by July 31, 2020 no later than 11:59 p.m.
Read assignment guidelines thoroughly and prepare questions for class discussion.
Assignment Guidelines link: TBA
Supporting Materials:
Worth 200 points: A=200
Researched Argument Paper
Worth 200 points
Final Due Date: 8/14/2020 no later than 11:59pm via Canvas Assignments
[Print out this assignment sheet and annotate/highlight crucial details/information in each subsection below.  In other words, mark up this document to support your own understanding and retention of essential material.  Doing so is a simple and useful way to take responsibility for your learning and your performance in this course.]  
Purpose of assignment: To develop your ability to introduce, integrate, evaluate, discuss and reflect on information from academic texts in order to make a successful academic argument; to practice the type of research and writing that is often a part of sophomore-level+ courses; to be able to distinguish peer-reviewed academic research from non-peer-reviewed and credible online sources. 
Assignment: You will write a researched, argumentative essay addressing the research question: How is digital technology affecting us?  You are tasked with putting forth a debatable claim (a statement that begins or adds to the academic conversation) and persuasively defending it in a research-informed, audience-oriented, and clearly presented essay.  You will narrow/choose the issue about which you will argue, and you may address the same subject you chose to explore in the previous assignments (Annotated Bib and/or Explanatory Synthesis).  In other words, your initial research and annotated bibliography will  evolve into a focused research paper. Your early reading and drafting will tend toward the descriptive, and as you explore your subject and gain expertise, you’ll begin to fashion a proper, academic research argument.  
Audience:  A generally informed public who has an interest in digital technologies’ impact on society, but limited knowledge about the course-relevant topic.  
Constraints: Your essay should be about 5-7 pages (1250- 1750 words), double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, in-text citations and Works Cited page according to MLA or APA documentation guidelines. 
Sources: Your researched-argument paper will use at least four sources that are credible for an academic audience (minimum of one source will come from peer-reviewed, academic journals or books).  Your sources might be those you found when doing a general internet search (credible news media outlets; non-profit think tanks – .org, .edu, .gov, research institutes, and/or come from your library search. Short newspaper or online articles and general websites like, etc. are no longer useful and should not be used in your paper.  Consult HCC library resources for library research assistance.  
Note:  This assignment is an argumentative – objective – essay supported with valid/credible sources. You will exclusively use credible sources, scholarly and internet sources to support your position. Your sources help you develop reasons that support your thesis, and in turn your supporting ideas/reasons are backed by evidence.
Research Question (RQ) and Thesis:  The thesis for your researched argument will be debatable, an arguable claim of value or of truth. For example, the student begins thesis development by asking a research question, for example, e.g. “How has social media impacted how college students conduct career job searches?, the writer, then, would reflect on her/his immediate answer or opinion and yet, still accept the possibility of being wrong-headed or right-headed – in other words, your immediate answer or opinion is debatable, thus, opposing views can be identified. 
Organization:  Employ a standard argumentative structure that includes all the basics:  an introduction with thesis statement, background section of one or two paragraphs; body paragraphs that delineate reasons and evidence that support the (your) thesis; at least one paragraph that addresses a counter-argument(s); recommendation/suggestions; and a conclusion that usefully wraps up your argument in a persuasive and professional manner. 
Grading Criteria:

a clear thesis statement
an engaging introduction
a logical and effective organization of ideas 
multiple, focused supporting paragraphs
a minimum of one paragraph that represents opposing views/counterarguments
a conclusion that opens up the argument to wider application/action
accurate Works Cited page
sentences that are relatively free from language/grammar issues that impede meaning and understanding

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