response paper

Students will complete a 2-4 page response paper from a live performance found on the Digital Theatre + website. 
You can choose any production to view that you would like from Digital Theatre +, and there are tons to choose from, so find something that really resonates with you.

Even though you will not be in an actual theatre setting, please prepare this time as if you were in a real theatre setting – put your phone away, take notes and follow the guidelines as already presented for your response papers.
Digital Theatre + is sort of like Netflix for Theatre.
Here is the LINK to Digital Theatre + –
Here is the LOGIN information – email:
                                                            password: stagedoor
Please be sure to address the questions below in your paper.

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Be sure to include the name of the theatre that you attended, as well as the date and time of the performance you attended.

Discuss your experience of going to the theatre. How did the performance effect you? Did it move you? Did it bore you? Did you like it more or less than you expected? Please be sure to give SPECIFIC examples from your experience to support your opinions. You may comment on the acting, the use of the stage space, the sets, lights, or costumes; whatever will help you to discuss your experience of viewing this play. In short, tell me WHY you feel this way, what contributed to your experience. Be specific.  Don’t just say something like “The costumes were nice.  They were appropriate for the play.”  DESCRIBE WHAT YOU SAW, WHAT ACTORS DID, WHAT SCENIC, COSTUME or LIGHTING ELEMENTS LOOKED LIKE!!!!  FAILURE TO INCLUDE SPECIFICS MAY SIGNIFICANTLY DAMAGE YOUR GRADE FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT!

Although I want you to provide specifics in your paper, please DO NOT take notes through the entire show–take them before the show starts, at intermission (if there is one), and immediately following the show. Taking notes during a show destroys the entire point of going to the theatre, which is to engage with the performance. In a live viewing situation, it is also VERY distracting to other audience members and the performers. 

Papers should be well constructed, using an introductory paragraph to state your thesis, sufficient body paragraphs to support your assertions, and a concluding paragraph to summarize and re-state your thesis. PAPERS SHOULD NOT INCLUDE A PLOT SYNOPSIS OF THE PLAY.


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