revise essay orange friend

Follow the font of the text
Revise according to the professor’s reply.

Citation and Referencing
Title should be References
Citation comes before the full stop e.g. August to September 2019. (Rampulla 2020). Shoud be August to September 2019 (Rampulla 2020).

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revise essay orange friend
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Reference list is formatted correctly, but the date you looked at some of the websites is incorrect. Why?
Your first paragraph has no citation, yet contains information gained from websites. There are many other parts that need citation. If you use information from another source, you must paraphrase it cite in your text.

A lot of your content is taken directly from your sources without quotation marks.

Content and Grammar

It is difficult to tell which is your own writing and which is not. You have some good points.
You have not included any charts only attached a picture at the end which adds little to your work and has no explanation.
The article has a cover sheet introduction and clear paragraphs


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