Revise Paper Psych

Current Event Article Critique

revise final draft of your Signature Assignment. Review the detailed instructions above.

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Revise Paper Psych
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  • Use headers to make sure you thoroughly and clearly address the seven elements in the assignment.  

Add  at least ONE article from a peer-reviewed journal you can find in your  library. Internet research should be minimal in an academic paper.  

Remember  to highlight ALL changes you make to your final paper so that they are  easily recognizable to me and you can get the credit you deserve for  these changes. 

Include the following in your critique: 

1. Identify and articulate the key issue(s) in the article in a brief and pointed summary. Nice job in this area.  

2. Identify information/evidence in the article that supports the point of view and conclusions presented in the article. Quote and paraphrase with internal APA citations. 

3. Identify background information relevant to the point of view and conclusions presented in the article.   


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