Rudy Giuliani: The Man And His Moment.

Rudy Giuliani: The Man And His Moment.


The Center was touted as among the most sophisticated emergency preparedness office in the world, the bureau conducted routines and drills regularly. Simultaneously, it did not garner all-out support among the council and the city’s police department with regard to its necessity and perceived exorbitance and faulty location which is dangerously close to the 1993 attack. Regardless, the Center was finished with half the budget used for the same establishments built in Tokyo and Hawaii. Led by Richard Sheirer, the new director made it imperative that his men are prepared to act without consulting papers whenever a crisis happens (“Rudy Giuliani: The Man and his Moment” pp.28-29). For his dispositions, Sheirer became an indispensable part of Giuliani’s circle of trusted men.

Immediately after the first crash on September 11, 2001 Sheirer was on his feet setting in motion their primed emergency plans. Together with other officials, they set up the command center for the Fire Department near the building. Briefed by the situation, hospitals were already waiting for expected patients from the World Trade Center. What Giuliani has created was a necessary sense of awareness and a plan to fall back into in the type of situation they were in (“Rudy Giuliani: The Man and his Moment” p.11).

The creation of the OEM proved to be a sort of warranted blessing that enabled for the mobilization of a number of people and equipped them with the necessary demeanor that should budge them from bewilderment to action. Certainly the plans were not foolproof but the fact that there was a plan accounted for the vast impact that Giuliani was able to provide during the time of crisis. The devastation the bombings caused is tantamount. The casualty the different enforcing departments suffered is nothing less than tragic.


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