Security Foundations

Security Foundations
Breakout Activity #29 – Penetration Testing Plan
You are a member of a penetration testing team who work at Wily Harry Horton’s White Hat Hacking consulting firm. Your company has been contracted by xyz College to test the security of the school’s IT structure. They have also requested that you test the security of the school’s data center. You team has worked on many projects in business and industry but this is your first client that is an educational institution.
Only the college president and one computer instructor are aware of this test. Neither the IT Manager nor the Campus Police have any knowledge of this plan.
You are having a meeting to discuss the upcoming project.
Meeting Topics:

What are your primary objectives and goals?
What are your main strategies?
What specific attacks will you run?
How will you test data center security?
What social engineering tests will you run?
How will you measure and present your results?
What special concerns do you have regarding these tests?

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Security Foundations
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Project Plan
Devise a project plan for this endeavor. Describe the types of data and structures you will be testing. Include special concerns and issues. Prepare a brief presentation on your plan.

NOTE: I NEED TO WORK ON : How will you measure and present your results?  
one PPT SLIDE on this is enough.


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