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Discussion 3DirectionsThis discussion consists of 2 parts. You must complete both parts to receive full credit for the discussion.Part 1Complete a conflict resolution style quiz, here: (Links to an external site.)Interpret your responsesPart 2Now that you have learned something about different ways to handle conflict and when each approach works best, please indicate how the following conflict should be handled:A group of community organizations have proposed building a new homeless shelter in your area. The shelter could accommodate 100 homeless persons. The community organizations have begun to raise funds, and there are a few private donors who will help—one has even agreed to donate land. However, the neighborhood association from an adjacent area is staunchly opposed to the shelter, as are local businesses. The shelter cannot be built with the current level of opposition. You are part of a team that must investigate solutions to the conflict. The president of the neighborhood association and the local businesses have stated that they are concerned about fighting, drug use, loitering, bed bugs and diseases. They also fear that the value of their properties will go down.

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