Sexual Harassment

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Sexual Harassment Essay Outline I. Introduction

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Sexual Harassment
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A. Background 1. Despite ongoing public campaigns designed to prevent sexual harassment,

this destructive behavior continues to be a widespread issue in the United States. Sexual harassment is particularly rampant on college campuses, where 62% of female students and 61% of male students report having been victims of this form of mistreatment, according to the AAUW Educational Foundation. Most of the harassment is noncontact, but about one-third of students are victims of physical harassment.

B. Thesis Statement 1. Although mass media and news outlets alike tend to shy away from the

sexual harassment problem occuring across our campuses nationwide, universities are failing to protect their students from sexual harassment resulting in mental health damage of both males and females in all parts of the nation

II. Body A. Sexual Harassment Amongst Both Genders

1. Female Sexual Harassment In Comparison a) Statistics Regarding Harassment Committed Against b) General Concerns Over Safety Amongst Females

2. Male Sexual Harassment In Comparison a) Statistics Regarding Harassment Committed Against b) Lack of Awareness That Men Can Also Experience Harassment

On College Campuses B. Sexual Harassment Being Neglected Nationwide

1. Lack of Media Coverage & Lack of Awareness a) Disregard Of A Widespread Issue Going On In Our Nation b) People Not Taking Sexual Harassment Seriously/Not Being Aware

of It 2. Lack of Knowledge Regarding Universities Legal Duty to Protect

Students a) Title XI Law of 1972 b) Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

C. Sexual Harassment’s Effect on Students Experiencing It 1. Short Term Mental Effects

a) People Disregarding and Neglecting People Who Claim Sexual Harassment Can Cause Them Insecurity and Hopelessness

b) People Tend To Blame Themselves For Being Harrassed 2. Long Term Mental Effects

a) Depression and Inability To Trust Others b) Can Lead To Drastic Effects Like Turning To Drugs Or

Committing Suicide, It is Afterall A Form Of Bullying III. Conclusion

A. The failure of our nations awarness and our universities inability to abide to the law by protecting our students has resulted in many students being permanently damaged from sexual harassment

B. We the people of the United States have gone through all the proper legal measures in order to guarantee the youths safety when attending college universities; yet these laws along with their $60,000 tuitions do not seem to be enough motivation for these universities to abide to the law. Does a student need to be found dead in the middle of the campus in order to get the message across?

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