Short Essay 3: Poetry Assignment

Write a 1-2 page literary analysis based on ONE OF THE POEMS ASSIGNED IN THIS WEEK’S DISCUSSION (Do NOT write about another poem). Focus your analysis on one of the literary concepts studied this term: Theme, Character, Narrator, Imagery, Setting, Tone, or Irony; or, show how one element highlights a second element. You should not do research for this assignment. However, if you ignore this direction, you must cite any sources. Upload your final, proofed version: there is no draft for this assignment.  Read “Harlem (Links to an external site.)” and “Ballad of the Landlord (Links to an external site.)” by Langston Hughes, and “Loveliest of Trees (Links to an external site.)” by A. E. Houseman.  
REMINDER: Submitting a paper twice, without making revisions, is a form of plagiarism and as such is in violation of the college’s Academic Integrity Policy. 

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Short Essay 3: Poetry Assignment
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