Short paper: Hot Topic

The solar industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. Indeed,  solar power is more affordable, accessible, and prevalent in the United  States than ever before. Companies like solar city are taking advantage  of the boon, offering leases on roof top solar panel configurations for  both residential and business consumers.

Using class, library, or other online resources, find information  regarding the solar industry and specific information regarding roof top  solar panel leases.
In a 2-3 page paper, analyze and discuss the following concepts:

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Short paper: Hot Topic
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Discuss the growth of solar in the United States from both a business and residential perspective.
Why are solar system lease programs becoming so popular in the United States?
Compare and contrast benefits/disadvantages of leasing a solar system versus buying a system.
Would you ever consider leasing or purchasing a solar system? Why or why not?

You may use Google Sunroof (Links to an external site.) tools to help you estimate the potential impact on costs and environmental factors:

Google Sunroof (Links to an external site.)

Submission Instructions:


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