Small case Study.

Small case Study.


The firm ended up hiring a person convicted of attempted murder for the important position of Medical Director. Due process is always necessary in the hiring process of new employees. Five steps that can be followed in the selection process of new employees a company are: application materials, employment interviews, tests, background investigation and decision to hire (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, 2003). Failing to perform the 4th step was a detrimental move for Becton Dickson. What is so perplexing about this case is that the general rule is that background checks are of greater importance for job positions of greater importance such as a director position due to the level of responsibility associated with the job title.

A person’s job application and resume are the primary tools a manager or human resource specialist has on hand to initially evaluate an applicant. It is common for candidates to hype up their credentials to attract more interest from employers. There are different things the employer can do to determine the validity of a resume or application. Two key areas in these forms are education and work experience. A person’s education is a determining factor in the career path of an individual. If a candidate’s educational background does not fit in with the type of job experiences the person claim’s something may be wrong. For example a person without a college degree is very unlikely to hold a managerial position in a company.

There is a certain logical evolutionary career path that prepares a person for greater job positions. A resume that shows a person going from a clerk to a consultant specialist is an application that may have fraudulent information. Another thing to look for in these forms is proper grammar and written abilities.


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