SMUM Statistics Impact of Digital Marketing on Indias Economy Paper

 select data and perform an appropriate inferential analysis of the data using one of the tools learned in class. This involves the development of a report of the statistical analyses performed on data provided for a hypothetical research study of your choice. Students may use primary or secondary data.  The final project includes a paper that states a hypothesis, how the data was collected, how the data was utilized – statistical/analytical calculations performed, and the research results and recommendations.  For example, a research question may be whether seat belts reduce the number of fatal accidents?  The student is to present the question in hypothesis form and discuss, with justification, the statistical tool(s) used to address the question and ultimately, the findings from the research.  In short, the task is designed to serve as a mini methodology section of a research proposal.                                                                                               Book Used: Steinberg, W. (2021). Statistics Alive! (3rd.) Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.  ISBN-13: 978-1-5443-2826-3 

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SMUM Statistics Impact of Digital Marketing on Indias Economy Paper
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