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The Power of an Illusion
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When looking at race from a social science and sociologically perspective, it can be challenging, primarily because it requires an unlearning and re learning of multiple concepts and basic ideologies that we all adhere to in society. This film follows the social science narrative that is becoming more and more popular and being accepted as a way of redefining race, i.e. the idea that race is a social construction. 
I encourage you to watch the film in its entirety and take notes. The concept captured in the film of race being a social construction will be tested on your final exam.
So how do we define race and is the way we define race problematic? The film will address these questions.

How do we define race and is the way we define race problematic?
How does the film present the concept of race- does it maintain the status quo belief systems surrounding race or does it shift them?
What are the claims made in the film surrounding race and what are arguments provided to support them?

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