The explosion of sociological interest in the body can be traced to Michel Foucault. This field is defined by a general focus on the relationship between the body and society and culture. It encompasses a wide range of concerns, such as the gendered body, sexuality, and bodily pain. The medical profession has gone through a process of deprofessionalization, characterized by a decline in power and autonomy as well as of status and wealth among members. Health inequalities in the United States are often linked with social class, race, and gender. Global disparities in health and health care have often been tied to globalization. Individuals in the Global South suffer disproportionately from hunger and forms of malnutrition, including obesity and undernutrition. The spread of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Ebola, and now, Coronavirus is linked to globalization and increased global mobility. The ability to implement new medical technologies and afford new treatments clearly varies by region, with the Global South lagging far behind the Global North.
Discussion Question: 
How will the aging of the U.S. population affect health care programs in the future? Are there better solutions than Medicare and Medicaid for providing better health care for older people at less cost?

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