Sociology help

1. Socialization:

Are we who we are because of “Nature” or “Nurture”? Explain your stance. Minimum 150 words

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Sociology help
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2.Mass media:

Why do you think these media programs are effective in helping young people make effective choices about challenging life situations?
Do you think most mass media programming, including television and film, encourages positive or negative change in young viewers? Explain. Minimum 150 words

3. Social interaction:

How often have you called a friend hoping your call goes directly to voice mail? Have you ever been broken up with through an e-mail, text, direct message, or social media? Why would we rather talk to a machine than a real person? Is this a form of alienation? Read more about Ritzer’s theory and go to the discussion board to debate whether the focus on efficiency in modern life has caused us to become alienated from one another or not. Is McDonaldization a real threat to our personal intimacy with others? Minimum 150 words

4. Write a brief paragraph on your thoughts about the results of the personality quiz (Screenshot attached )
I took the personality quiz here 
Result : TYPE: Assertive Defender CODE: ISFJ-A ROLE: Sentinel STRATEGY: Confident Individualism 





Some points on my personality:

Defenders are the most likely personality type to:
· …prefer to study in a quiet environment
· …hide their anger
· …prefer texting to calling
· …see beauty in simplicity
· …have little interest in going into politics)

5.Meme project

Create one meme or one animated GIF. There are meme generators available online.
The meme/GIF must be created from a photograph/video that YOU take. It must read as authentic.
All memes must be related to sociology. (any of the topics explored during the semester)
You will write (below the image after you have inserted it) a brief paragraph 5 – 8 sentences that details what message you are trying to send to people through the meme/GIF.


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