STA 2023 Statistics Using Minitab Questions

Assignment 1An investor needs to compare two stocks earnings in order to decide about further decisions in financial
planning. For that reason, the “side by side” box plot of both stocks earnings is given below.
Boxplot of Gold Returns %, Silver Return %
Gold Returns %
Silver Return %
1) Determine which stock has higher central 50% of the earnings.
2) Determine from the display the five numbers summary of each stock earnings.
3) Determine which stock is more consistent in earnings. Explain with quantitative facts.
4) In general, use the information from previous questions to document an educated technical
conclusion justifying for which stock the investor should place a higher amount of assets
Assignment 2
Use Minitab to:
Determine the 25% top cut off score in a Professional licensing exam which mean is 1400
and standard deviation is 85
– Go to drop down menu and select the PDF in Calc; ie Normal probability distribution
– Input parameters of the distribution in the interactive dialog
– Consider that total area under curve is 1 and that you may select density cumulative
or inverse( score)
– Input the left side of the area for inverse

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STA 2023 Statistics Using Minitab Questions
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