STAT 5680 WMU Regression Analysis Project Worksheet

I attacheda sample+ datathat you’re going to use.

Instructions:Your report has to be complete but brief. Again complete but brief. Your report should besuccinct and to the point! It should be written in a language that is understandable to the scientificcommunity.1. ReportYour final analysis should be presented in the form of a brief report, which limited to 6 pagesexcluding appendices if necessary. A font size of 11 points or 12 points must be used. Marginsin all directions must be at least an inch. You may place additional information such diagnosticplots or tables in an Appendix if you feel it necessary. Make sure your Appendix is readable.Do not include your computer code and output in your main report. Your computer codeshould be presented in an appendix and reasonably documented. Your report should be structured(at minimum) as follows:ˆ Abstract – A brief summary of your basic findings.ˆ Introduction – A brief introduction/motivation to the problem at hand, relevant details aboutthe data, additional relevant scientific information from searching the web, for example, andwhat is to be addressed.ˆ Statistical Methods – A discussion and justification of the methods you have used to analyzethe data and how you went about analyzing the data. Don’t forget to describe in some detailhow and why the particular model was selected.ˆ Results – A presentation of the results of your analysis. Do not include all the dead–endanalyses you might have done unless they provide insight into the question. Lead the readerup to the analyses gradually. You may start off with descriptive statistics to describe thebasic characteristics of the sample used to address the questions, as well as to present simpledescriptive statistics (non-model based) that address the questions. Tables and plots are thekey tools. Then go to the major models used to answer the questions. Here you shouldpresent summaries of the statistical inference obtained from these models (such as confidenceinterval, p–values, point estimates). Highlight any particular issues that materially affectedthe models used to answer the question (confounding, interactions, non–linearities, …).ˆ Discussion – A synopsis of your findings and any limitations your study may suffer from.Present final conclusions in terms that non–statisticians will understand. Quantitative andqualitative aspects should also be discussed.ˆ Appendix – Anything of an overly technical nature should be put in an appendix. You maywant to include extensive tables in an appendix instead of the main results section in yourreport. Your computer code should also be presented here.DATA ANALYTIC STRATEGIES:ˆ Perform adequate exploratory analysis of the data and provide a complete, yet succinct,presentation of the results.ˆ Clearly state the statistical model used when presenting model estimates.ˆ Clearly state the model building/selection/validation criteria used to address the scientificquestion(s) of interest.ˆ Perform adequate model diagnostics.Page 2ˆ Provide precise interpretations of the parameters in your model (or your estimates of thoseparameters) in the context of the scientific problem.GRADING:Your report will be graded based on the following criteria1. Scientific approach(i) Did you investigate problems in the sampling that might materially affect the results?(ii) In addressing each of the questions, did you choose appropriate models to answer thescientific questions?2. Statistical approach(i) Were the methods chosen appropriate for the data at hand?(ii) Were any key assumptions of the proposed methods violated?(iii) Were the methods chosen reasonably efficient?3. Written report(i) Were you clearly explains the results by addressing all objectives of the study(ii) Did your report include appropriate graphs and output to support the results?(iii) Did you present your findings in a succinct manner that could be understood by anon–statistician?

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STAT 5680 WMU Regression Analysis Project Worksheet
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