Statistical Measurements, Analysis & Research

Lecture 11 FieldworkThis week we are reaching some important meetings with our clients. Make sure to go back and forth
and complete these tasks.
Open the MDS data-set in SPSS.
a. Using the ALSCAL program, assume that the data are metric (interval) and compute the distance
matrix between pairs of sports for the 50 respondents with two-dimensional MDS
b. Which sports are the most similar according to consumer perceptions? Which ones are the most
c. Save the final co-ordinates and compute the bivariate correlations with the expert panel evaluations
d. Try the three-dimensional configuration. Which solution works better according to the STRESS value
and R 2 ?
e. Repeat the analysis, this time looking for similarities between respondents for the ten sports on twodimensions
f. How many clusters of consumers appear from the graph?

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Statistical Measurements, Analysis & Research
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