Statistics Question

Assignment Week 2Introduction
The data set for this assignment, survey.sav, was designed to explore the factors that affect respo’dents’
psychological adjustment and well-being. You will explore the impact of the respondents’ perceptions
of control on their levels of perceived stress.
There are two different measures of control:

Master Scale – degree to which people feel they have control over the events in their lives
Perceived Control of Internal States Scase (PCOISS) – degree to which people feel they have
control over their internal states, emotions, thoughts, and physical reactions
In this assignment, you are interested in exploring how well the Mastery Scale and the PCOISS are able
to predict scores on a measure of perceived stress.
Data Set
The data set for this assignment is an SPSS file (survey.sav). JASP should have no trouble opening this
file. Remember to load JASP, then use the JASP menus to open the file from the location where you
saved it to your computer.
This course is built to prepare you to write a Chapter Four, and this assignment will work in that
direction on a very small scale. Follow the instructions below
1. Start with an intro paragraph (2-3 sentences) about what the study is and describe the data set.
2. You will then address the research questions one at a time. Give an intoductory statement or
two about which test was chosen and why. Then, discuss the finding(s).
3. For this assignment, it is not necessary to write all the hypotheses.
4. So you will have the following headings:
a. Introduction
b. Research Question 1
c. Research Question 2
d. Summary
e. Appendix A
5. Finally, you will have on a new, separate page “Appendix A” with your ouput table(s).
Directions for responding to a Research Question
An introductory sentence about which test(s) will be used and what indicated that it was
the correct test.
ii A stated null and alternative hypothesis.
6. The output from JASP (You will copy and paste the output table in Appendix A)
iii A conclusion in paragraph form that includes the decision you made, APA formatted
reporting of your statistics, and a final statement about your findings as it relates to the
research question. (2-3 sentences is fine)
Research Questions
1. How well do the two measures of control (mastery, PCOISS) predict perceived stress? This is
addressed by finding out how much of the variance in perceived stress scores is explained by
these two scales.
2. Which is the best predictor of perceived stress: control of external events (Mastery Scale) or
control of internal states (PCOISS)?

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