Statistics Question

Questions 1-6 Reading – Scorigami (20 points total)
Watch the Youtube video “Every NFL Score Ever | Chart Party” by Jon Bois of SB Nation at https:
// and answer the following questions.
Questions in this reading assignment are graded based on completion. Questions 1 and 3 are especially useful
for your final project, so possible answers to 1 and 3 are included at the bottom for you to check against.
Don’t worry if yours looks similar to the key. This reading assignment is meant for you to look at some
examples for inspiration and see what would count for each graph for your own work.
1. [6 points] If this video were your final project, which of the figures (give either figure numbers or
approximate time stamps) would count for your final project. Briefly explain why.
Example 1: Wildcard:
The origami folding around the 0:30-0:45 mark would be a good wildcard. It’s mostly an arrangement of
images and text annotation, so it doesn’t really have a substantial categorical or 2D/3D continuous element.
It might be considered a homebrew, but it’s not much of one because it’s just a table of images and text.
a. Graph with a homebrew element.
b. Graph with a categorical element to it.
c. Graph 2D or 3D continuous element to it.
2. [3 points] Identify and describe a graph that has an excellent use of colour. Describe in plain language
the how colour is being mapped to a variable, and what that variable is.
3. [4 points] If you had to narrow this video down into a non-animated poster or infographic of 3-6
visualizations (e.g., by picking 5 minutes of content), how would you arrange them on the page or
image? What is the one-or-two sentence message you would be trying to convey?
(Don’t draw a layout, describe it like “the title would be here”, “in the first column would be, from top to
bottom, XXX, YYY, and then ZZZ”. You can assume the grader knows what the Better Poster layout is)
4. [3 points] Give one advantage and one disadvantage to the use of 3D stacks of lego bricks to count
things in the visualization around 8:00. What does the use of lego bricks imply about this video’s
intended audience or use case?
5. [2 points] Find and describe one instance in this video on effective use of a text or image annotation
on top on a visualization.
6. [2 points] Find and describe one instance in this video where a particular idea would be a lot harder
or impossible to convey without the use of camera angles and animation.
Question 7, Pokemon Radar Graphs (20 points).
Use the radar chart guide at and the pokemon.csv dataset provided to recreate a 5-point radar for the first 9
pokemon (Bulbasaur to Blastoise) using the variables: (base_happiness, hp, attack, defense, speed) in that
order, with base_happiness being at the top. You don’t need the accent mark on Pokemon.
Your radar plot should look like the 10 students graph at the end of the guide, but with five points instead
of nine.
It should have:
• A radar background of the five stats listed, with labels and dashed lines (6 points)
• Faceted in a 3×3 grid, in pokedex order. (e.g. 1 in top left, 9 in bottom right) (2 points)
• A thick solid line and points around the stats that each pokemon has. (4 points)
• The colour of each line should be green (00FF00) for grass types, red for fire types, and blue for water
types, going by type1. (2 points)
• A shaded region in a gray colour for the average stats across all 9 pokemon. (4 points)
• A proper title for the whole picture (1 point)
• A proper title for each Pokemon (1 point)
Partial Key
(Try to answer the questions first without looking at these, but do look at these because they’re meant to
help you with your final project)
Question 1.
There are many answers.
Possible answer a: Fig. 12 – Dark Scorigami, first appears around 8:45. The use of this graph has several
elements like the lego pieces that wouldn’t come from an off-the-shelf geometry that we have encountered.
It would take a substantial effort to include those. It also has a picture-in-picture aspect to it which would
be homebrewed.
Possible Answer b: Points scored by winner (or tyer) vs. loser by year. First appears around 1:00. This
graph is a binary response, as a function of x (winning score), y (losing score), and t (year). Year first
appears around 3 minute mark.
Possible Answer c: Diagram of the Chiefs-Browns game that appears around 13:30. It uses an image and
video overlay of an actual football field, giving it a continuous (x,y,t) element. It also has annotated ball
movements like “Taunting penalty”, which is a function of (x,t).
Possible Answer c: NFL Extra Point Accuracy by year, appears around 12:00. This has both accuracy and
season. It’s not fully continuous in either case, because accuracy is in jumps of 1/(Number of attempts) and
year is in jumps of 1, but there are enough small gradients for it to be treated continuously.
Question 3.
1 points for a summary sentence or two. 3 points for describing the layout.
Possible answer:
• Title: American football has some bizarre scoring implications.
• Using the better poster layout,
• on the left, I would have some additional information about the rules of American football to explain
the scoring system, and some of the explanation about why this could lead to some scores being much
easier to attain than others.
• on the right, from top to bottom I would put the table of all scores, the lego brick piles (as a bar
graph), and the scoring plays of the Chiefs-Browns game as a table instead of lego bricks. If space, I
would consider the chart of number of scorigami by year.

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