Statistics Question


  • First, you need to get the data. You will need use your MLM account. Login with MLM username/password.  On the left Menu click Stat Crunch, then choose Stat Crunch web site.
  • Data Tab: Click Data sets then search for MTH155 SP23.
  • For this assignment, we will only use the column corresponding to number of pets (Q4) and the column corresponding to number of children(Q10).  Rename columns with appropriate titles.
  • CLEAN UP data.  Quantitative data should be all numeric.
  • Complete the assignment below, then…(#6)
  • Copy/paste into one document to upload into Canvas. Refer to the RUBRIC in Canvas for point values…did you do what I asked?
  • ASSIGNMENT- this is what will be turned in.

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    Make a histogram of both columns.  Use Graph in StatCrunch.Describe the shape of each histogramDo either appear to have outliers?

  • Make a boxplot of both columns. Use Graph in StatCrunch use
  • Other options: and click to identify outliers (which appear as dots beyond the whiskers).

    Use fences to identify outliers

  • Find the summary statistics of both columns.  Include mean, standard deviation, range, the Five-Number summary.
  • Which measure seems most appropriate for typical number of pets owned?  Mean, median, mode?  Why?
  • Which measure seems most appropriate for typical number of children? Mean, median, mode?  Why?
  • Do more students have pets or do more students have kids?  What have you used to answer this question?
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