Strategic Management

Create your Non-Alcoholic Beverage company name and explain the significance of the name (NAME:  Uptown Swirl) 

1. Company name (Uptown Swirl)

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Strategic Management
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Choose a name that is unique, easy to remember, and it is representative of the non-alcoholic beverage you are focusing on or has a specific meaning. You will also explain the significance of the chosen name (what does it mean)

2. Product (Describe your business and product you will produce and sell)

Your product must be a non-alcoholic beverage (water, energy drink, soda, tea, smoothie, etc.)(My product: Frozen Yogurt/milkshakes/quick bite dessert) just make sure you are bringing something new to the market and something that fills a gap in the current product offerings. 

**You will clarify what your product is, the key ingredients, and how many flavors(10) you will offer.   (10 yogurt flavors, 10 milkshakes, 10 quick bite dessert-names must be provided)

3. Mission & Mission statement

The mission should be a cohesive statement, clarifying who you are, what you do (what needs are you fulfilling) and why you are in business (purpose). 

a.  Mission Statement— should not exceed 3 sentences and must be in quotation marks

4.  Explain its components

Explain the content of the mission; why do you want people to know this information; why is this the most important information.

(NO PLAGIARISM…report must be provided)

  • Use headings for each section. 
  • Use quotation marks for the mission statement. 


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