Summarize The Early Development Of The Indigenous Population Of America

 Read Section 1 from this week’s Webtext titled “The Americas Before the European Migrations” and review the instructor insights.  Then answer ALL of the following and reply to at LEAST one other student or the instructor:

  • Summarize the early development of the indigenous population of America. Be sure to include their origin, methods of survival, domestication, innovations, trade, settlements, and other important elements in your response.
  • Which three (3) elements did you find interesting? Provide a rationale your response.

Be sure to:

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Summarize The Early Development Of The Indigenous Population Of America
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  • Make a robust reply to demonstrate understanding of the topic (approx. 200 words or more)
  • Cite the sources you use to help you answer the question
  • Answer in your own words and identify any phrases copied from a source by placing them in quotation marks and citing (should only be a small portion of your reply – majority should be in your own words)
  • Reply to at least one other person in the thread with a substantive comment that demonstrates your own knowledge of the topic and moves the discussion forward.  Strive to go above and beyond and respond to even more!
  • Try to post earlier in the week so that we can all have a good discussion throughout the week


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