Summary and reflection

Book to read for this assignment is ((the Families, Professionals, and exceptionality Positive outcomes through Partnerships and trust) book chapter 11.

Please post a Summary and Reflection that includes insights and perceptions of Chapter 11 from the book. Also describe how the reading connected to observations performed at your chosen school site. 

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Summary and reflection
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Be sure to use properly labeled bolded centered APA headings. APA in-text citations and a reference list must be included with at least one reference.  Most student use the first page to summarize the text and the second page to reflect on text and connect to experience.  This is best practice for this and all reading logs. 

For APA, the main things are:

include name, title, date, name of class and professor (a title page is always best for reading logs and other written work)–not necessary for DB posts
Double space
12 point font
paragraphs with titles (ie, on reading logs include “Summary” and “Reflection”)
use in-text citations (Author, p #)
include a reference section at the end
use correct grammar and spelling


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