Term: 2019 Winter

(1) True or False: If Efficient Market Hypothesis is completely true, then strategy wouldn’t matter.

a. True

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Term: 2019 Winter
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b. False

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(2) Which one of the following is not correct abut Low Cost Strategy?

a. Produce basic no frills product and services for mass market

b. Low investment and low operating costs

c. Often outsourced to reduce costs

d. Resistant to price competition

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(3) ___ views organizational performance as joint outcomes of environmental forces and the firm’s strategic actions?

a. Industrial Organization

b. Resource based theory

c. Contingency theory

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(4) Which one of the following is not a macroenvironmental force?

a. Economic forces

b. Income forces

c. Social forces

d. Political-Legal forces

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(5) The systematic collection and analysis of information about relevant trends in the external environment is called _____ .

a. Environmental Scanning

b. Consumer Research

c. Marketing Research

d. Data Mining

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(6) True or False: Differentiation strategy emphasizes scientific breakthroughs, technology and flexibility.

a. True

b. False

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Essay 1: What are some of the leadership styles? Can you think of a business leader that you look up to? What makes him or her a great leader in your opinion. (Under 200 words)

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Essay 2: The Internet has influenced strategy management in very specific ways. In your opinion, what are these influences and how should management adapt to these changes? (Under 200 words)

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