The Big Book Of ABC History Project

The Big Book of ABC’s
The students will create an American History after 1877:  ABC book. This will be a collaborative effort for the class as a whole.
We are going to collectively make an ABC book explaining 26 of the most important concepts of 19th– and 20th– century America.
The format is simple. “A is for ______, B is for _________” etc.
Students must submit a list, in order of preference (up to three events/concepts), of which ABC book concept they would like to submit. The student must also submit a 250-word essay (“Persuasive Paragraphs,” in the discussion worth 15 points) as to why they are particularly suited to their first choice.
There are five themes which you can choose from:  Politics/Military, Culture, The Bad and the Sad, The Underrepresented, and American Technology and Business.
Instructions for the assignment click here
Example:  L for Los Angeles Riots, A for Aids Epidemic, etc.
Below is an example of how your project should be submitted

1-For each letter you must include a related photograph, political cartoon, or graph/chart/
2-For each letter you must write a two hundred (200) word description of your chosen theme.
3-Your research must include three primary sources that you will create an annotated bibliography.
As a class we will create a bibliography page with the book. Review your graded annotated bibliography. 
You will research your chosen topic:  Example A is for Aids Epidemic,
sources I would use for annotated bibliography:  1-Shilts, Randy (1987). And the band played on : politics, people, and the AIDS epidemic. New York: St. Martin’s Press.  2-Bragdon v. Abbott, 524 U.S. 624 (1998) (Links to an external site.) 3-McNeil, Donald.  H.I.V. Arrived in the U.S. Long Before ‘Patient Zero’.  New York Times.  October 26, 2016.  I would annotate each source.
4-After each student has finalized their alphabet, the student will put them into the Google Document template I have provided  :  (make a copy and edit, then submit the link in your submission in Canvas)
Then save the Google template as a PPT and submit to Canvas, do not submit the link but the actual file.

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The Big Book Of ABC History Project
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