The Federal Reserve’s Current Monetary Policy

The Federal Reserve Act requires the Federal Reserve Board to submit written reports to Congress containing discussions of “the conduct of monetary policy and economic developments and prospects for the future” (Congressional Report,  (Links to an external site.)Visit the Federal Reserve (Links to an external site.)website and select Monetary Policy and then to retrieve the current annual report.

– Briefly describe the policy actions of the Board of Governors during the most recent period.
– Describe how the U.S. economy has performed recently based on the opinion of the Federal Reserve.
– Evaluate the Federal Reserve’s current monetary policy. If you were the monetary policy decision maker, what would you do differently? Why or why not?
– Explain whether you agree or disagree with the Federal Reserve taking action to intervene when the economy is not well-functioning. Why or why not?
– Appraise how the current Federal Reserve’s monetary policy has been affecting the financial markets and institutions.

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The Federal Reserve’s Current Monetary Policy
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