The Importance of Motivation

The Importance of Motivation


The researcher states that motivation applies in many areas including the classroom, working place and even at the home place. This paper will discuss the importance of motivation in the mentioned areas, the positive effects of motivation and the happenings if there is no motivation. In a classroom with no motivation, the students with less learning capabilities or rather those who are slow in learning get disadvantaged. They become frustrated and bored with assigned tasks that they cannot handle. These students tend to have little interest during class time thus their concentration lowered. Their view of the importance of education is changed and such students will take it as a burden. Their attendance for classes decreases while some can even stop schooling. In a classroom, motivation comes in where the students feel some sense of belonging. The teachers base the syllabus according to the interests of the students. The students instructed using different approaches. Some theory work put into practice to break the monotony of being in a classroom. The students have the opportunity to make decisions about how they prefer to learn a given subject or topic. Motivation in a classroom is important since it has a positive result in the long run. The desired achievements of success attained. The gap between the fast and slow learners brought closer. The courage, pride, behavior, and performance of motivated students generally rise compared to those who are not motivated. A workplace is a social place where combined capabilities or different individuals bring out a tangible effect. Motivation at the workplace is all about what and how workers want to work. It entails what they want to be introduced, improved, or abolished for them to work comfortably. Lack of motivation in workplaces brings in headaches to the managers and employers, as the employees do not produce the best. There arise issues of low profitability, company failures, and thus closure due to low production.


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