This encourages the participants.

This encourages the participants.

Another purpose the author wanted to issue in this case is about gender. The gymnasium is occupied by men only. This raises a major concern about the health fitness of the women. All the participants in the gymnasium were men. The author has also raised religious issues involved.

The author has clearly presented the picture of the Gym in question. He begins by describing the location of the gym. The author has also provided information on the charges that one needs to pay in order to become a member.

Then, the author proceeds to describe the facilities that are found in the Gym. The Gym is packed with high quality exercise machine (Dyatt 2009). However, the author emphasizes on the fact that the equipments are old and the surfaces are peeling off though clean.

The author has also revealed the uniqueness of the 10th Street from the fact that it observes the religious aspects carefully. For instance, the rights are put off and the door closed during the prayer of Saleh (Dyatt 2009). The lights are put off and the door locked automatically even if workout is in the middle. The author has also revealed that failure to observe these rules can lead to loss of license.

When the lights are off, the carpets are out between the exercises machines after which the faithful faces Mecca in rows for prayer (Dyatt 2009). Meanwhile, other people would continue to work out quietly besides them. Both groups are expected to proceed harmoniously. The author have also emphasized that working out in the darkness is really interesting. It motivates people as it exaggerates the appearance of the people. The strong looks stronger in the darkness (Dyatt 2009).

The author has also introduced the gym manager who is also a weight lifter. He is a friendly man who is interested in every attendant. He is determined to help the new weight lifters.


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