Thought Responses

Please respond to each prompt in at least 100 words. These are thought responses and will require no references, just your thoughts on the prompts.

Prompt 1:
When selecting a candidate for a position, the qualities I am searching for rather in-person or reviewing their resume are few things.
“Confident” hires showcase their abilities and talents during the interview process, as they normally hit the ground running after the hiring process.
Hiring people with “Positive Attitude” will bring an upbeat outlook and productive working environment. They will likely to approach the job with a willingness attitude delivers results.
“Team Player” is a must because there is no I in teams. I need employees who are comfortable working as a group on separate project and still able to contributing on an individual level, they normally the best employees.
“Strong Work Ethic” goes right alone “Dependable Employees” because they both coincide with one another. By having strong work ethic often set high goals for themselves that are achievable and staying committed defines reliable behavior and display dependable employees.
“Good Communicator” can communicate effectively with colleagues which is a good skill not only because you are able to get your points across, but also you are capable of carefully to listening and follow directions. I personally tend to favor toward candidates good listing skills and opened to engaging with different communication styles.

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Thought Responses
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Prompt 2:
As one of the leading supervisors in my previous command, I had a pleasure experiencing different tasks such as evaluating and interviewing personnel. Some of the key concepts I have learned is to communicate with other leaders and discuss who’s the strongest candidate. I’ve come to know how the process and selection of work. The first thing we conduct is to separate the experience applicants from a level of knowledge application. In my opinion, this is a great way to select the appropriate personnel for any case. Therefore, when I evaluate the applicant profile, I examined their skills, their prior experience, and the time with their previous job. I believe these characteristics speaks a lot of volume about the person because of how much dedicated to their work.
For an in-person interview, I think this process could be deceitful because it does not show the applicants’ true character. However, I think if personnel care enough to show in the interview on time, put on proper attire, and answer the questions with good manners. It shows their reliability and communication skills.


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