Tutors are having issues with this… please help due tonight by midnight

Assignment ScenarioYou are overseeing a mentoring program for youth who have been identified as being at risk and you want to complete a program evaluation to measure the impact on youth who participate. You also want to consider whether variables such as sex and race/ethnicity factor into the results.Assignment InstructionsIn the Unit 2 Dataset 1 given in the resources, find baseline data for the youth who have entered the program. From this data, identify all of the variables represented and input the data into an Excel file. Save the file as a “comma separated values” (.csv) file and open this .csv file in JASP. Make sure to modify the data types of each variable to the correct scale of measurement (nominal, ordinal, or scale).Refer to the JASP Tutorial Video: Modifying Data Types (Nominal, Ordinal Scale), given in the resources.Save your .jasp file and upload it for grading.Note that you are not completing any analysis at this point in time. You are simply practicing entering data in Excel and saving it in a format that is then opened in JASP. You need to demonstrate the ability to identify the correct level of measurement for each variable.Resources

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Tutors are having issues with this… please help due tonight by midnight
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