UNILAG Confidence Intervals Normal Distribution and Confidence Intervals Questions

Choose a particular parameter of the population that you would like to study (in the form of a continuous variable) and collect some data.

Here is an example you can use (not based on real data), you can collect any other type of continuous data:

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UNILAG Confidence Intervals Normal Distribution and Confidence Intervals Questions
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Problem: I want to know the speed that people walk in my city.

Methodology: I measured the distance between two reference points (24 meters). Using my phone, I counted how many seconds it took 48 people to walk between the reference points.

Sample collection: I collected data from every sixth person, with the first person being selected by random (Systematic sampling method).

Below there is a table of the data and a picture of the sampling area (again, this is not real data).

10/25/22, 11:47 PM
Topic: Module 7 Discussion (R)
With this information I can obtain confidence intervals for the population parameter.
The sample you collect is your choice, it can be data related to your work , to your
hobbies, to your daily activities, etc., use your imagination.
Here are your tasks:
1. Collect some real data and present it on the discussion board. You can also
collect speed of people, cars, bicycles, or any other parameter of your choice.
2. Present a table with the data.
3. If you choose to collect similar data as in the example I provided above, present
an image capture of the area and reference points (similar to the image above).
4. With that information, construct 90%, 94% and 98% confidence intervals for the
population mean.
5. Use R to process your data, present an image capture of your codes.
6. Explain any challenge you encountered capturing your data and processing it
using R.
7. Make meaningful observations of your results, Compare the lower limits, upper
limits and their widths. Focus on the conclusions you can make based on your
confidence intervals.


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