Unit 4 Discussions (ECO201 & SOC101)

Unit 4 Group DB: Common Resources and Public Goods(ECO201)
Select a familiar or local Common Resource or Public Good (see text for examples to consider).

Assess the existence of free riders, externalities, cost-benefit analysis, likelihood of a “Tragedy of the Commons” issue, etc.
Evaluate the controls currently in place to protect or maintain the resource/good
Discuss the sustainability or need for change of the current status

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Unit 4 Discussions (ECO201 & SOC101)
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Unit 4 DB: Poverty and Economic Inequalities (SOC101)
Many individuals have been to a corner market in a city and noticed soggy lettuce, a moldy cucumber or other far from fresh produce being offered to that community in that specific area. Until now, many may not have known that this is what is referred to as a Food Desert. Why is it that we do not see similar grocery stores in these areas as we do in more rural communities? As a result, what does this do to the health and well-being of the thousands of people living in that community?  Discuss Food Deserts in this Discussion Thread focusing on why they exist in the first place and how we can improve the situation for generations to come.
You must support your response with scholarly sources in APA format.  Simply stating your opinion is not enough, back up your opinion with citations.  Refer to the DB Grading Rubric for more details.


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