Unit 4: Pre-Term Paper

Pre-Term Paper
The purpose of the Pre-Term Paper is to analyze the student’s preparation for the term paper assignment. The Pre-Term Paper will develop the basic framework for the final term paper and formatting and structure of the final paper. The project is due on Sunday of Unit 4. The assignment is worth 100 points.
The Organization that will be focus of the paper (Paper Topic) is due by Sunday of Unit 2.
Students are expected to complete an introduction paper based on the organization chosen for the final term paper (SUBMITTED IN WEEK 2). The paper will be based on the same topic as the final paper but is a complete paper on its own and must include all of the elements of a paper.
Assignment deliverable: A 1-3-page paper that includes the following:

Overview of the Organization                                                                   
Overview of the Organization’s Staffing Plan             
Structure and APA Formatting                          

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Unit 4: Pre-Term Paper
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The paper must be in APA format and include at least two (2) sources.


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