University of California Davis Confidence Interval for Data Set Worksheet

Data set and doc will be provided, (the top richest person data set) please follow the question and rubic and crate the excel work and document work.

question 1: based on the dataset provide create a confidence interval. If the variable of interest is categorical, please double-check the answer from Excel’s data analysis toolpak. Interpret the findings.

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University of California Davis Confidence Interval for Data Set Worksheet
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rubic for question 1 :

– The confidence interval calculation is correct. Reviewers, please check manually as Excel’s analysis can be inaccurate for proportions.

-The interpretation of the interval is correct and meaningful.

Question 2: perform a one-sample hypothesis test on the provided dataset. Interpret the findings.

rubic for question 2:

-The hypothesis test to be used was identified correctly, e.g.,t or z test for numerical data and z test for categorical.

-Interpretation of the results are correct. The student indicated the confidence level for the results.


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