University of South Carolina Beaufort Correlations Scatter Plots Worksheet

A researcher obtained a correlation of +.45 between variable A and variable B. What is the bestinterpretation of this correlation?
Group of answer choices
as scores on A decrease, scores on B tend to increase
as scores on A increase, scores on B tend to increase
A and B are unrelated
scores on A can be perfectly predicted from scores on B
Which of the following correlation coefficients reflects the strongest relationship between two
Group of answer choices
The correlation between self-esteem and shyness is __________.
Group of answer choices
On a scatterplot, a correlation coefficient of +1.00 appears as a __________.
Group of answer choices
line that slopes upward to the right
horizontal line
vertical line
random array of points
If the correlation between two variables is .00, we should conclude that __________.
Group of answer choices
the variables are unrelated
the error variance is excessive
no linear relationship exists between the variables
one variable can be predicted from the other
Distinguish between a positive and a negative correlation, giving a real life example of each.
If the correlation between two variables is 0.40, what is the coefficient of determination?
What is an outlier? What effect do outliers have on correlation coefficients?
If an alternative hypothesis indicates that H1: rho > 0 (one-tailed), what is the critical value for a
t-statistic calcuation for a sample with 26 participants and alpha = 0.05?

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University of South Carolina Beaufort Correlations Scatter Plots Worksheet
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