UP Statistics Analyzing Difference of Means Paper

MTH/217 v5
Wk 4: Plan Review
Write a 700- to 1,050-word response to the former employee’s plan.
For each of the items in the first column of the table:
• Identify the employee’s plan.
• Discuss whether you think this is the correct plan.
• Describe any modifications you might make, if applicable.
Your report should have seven sections as follows (use those as headers of each section):
Purpose of analysis
Visual Representation-Creating a Chart
Examine Descriptive Statistics (mean, median, and mode)
Understanding What Quantitates a t-test tests
Choosing the type of t-test
Determining statistical significance
Inferences that will be made from data
In your report, use the above as section title, and in each section, you will describe three elements: First,
what did the employee plan do? Second, is the plan correct and appropriate, and finally, what
modification might you make?
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UP Statistics Analyzing Difference of Means Paper
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