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Internship Paper II- Detailed description of the work you are doing and involved with.
Length- at least-4 pages, size 12 font, New Times Roman and double spaced. Longer is better!  In this paper, you will write about everything you have been doing or working on at the internship.  You must provide detailed information about what you have been doing at internship. What are the exact tasks, what have you learned, what projects have you been involved, what is confusing, what challenges have you faced, etc.? This is a midterm report in which you must articulate what your job is and what you do at the internship. You can and should include information about any challenges that arise and how you handle the challenges. TIP: Maintain a journal in which after each day of work or weekly, you record what you did at internship and other things that happen. If you maintain a journal, you will have ample information for this paper. If you do not keep a journal, writing this paper, including enough information and providing the substance the professor seeks will be quite difficult. TIP: include a lot of information and provide a lot of details.

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uu 4
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