Video Questions

Watch the following video and then answer the questions listed below. 

CrashCourse. (2012, Sept. 13). Samurai, daimyo, Matthew Perry, and nationalism

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Video Questions
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: Crash course world history #34 [Video file]. Retrieved from  Crash Course World History: Nationalism  

What are some of the countries John Green talks about that were impacted by nationalism?
What is the definition of the modern nation-state?
What does the actual business of nationalization involve?
What empire started to fall apart in the 19th century because so many groups started clamoring for independence due to nationalism?
What “underrated” governmental virtue did the Tokugawa family provide for Japan?
What were daimyos?
What two foreign events rocked Japan?
How did the Japanese, historically, view foreigners?
Why did Matthew Perry go to Japan?
What was the Meiji Restoration?
What aspects of government did Japan modernize?
Why were public schools unpopular?
What are some examples of the “dark side” of nationalism?


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