Video Review

Watch this You Tube video about teaching ordinal numbers to 1st graders

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Video Review
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1 to 2 pages
Headings for each section
12 font Times New Roman
1 inch margin paper
DO NOT exceed 2 pages.

Your paper should include the following:

An effective Introduction
Introduce the concept of teaching math
Cite supporting literature
What is the purpose of the paper
A roadmap of what is discussed in the body of the paper (this should align with the headings in the body of your paper)

A Body: Cite supporting literature throughout, can be textbook or peer-reviewed articles
What is the problem with teaching math to children
How is the video demonstrating a learning theory (e.g., constructivist, social learning)
How does the video address developmental domains (i.e., physical, cognitive, social, emotional)

An effective Conclusion
Reiterate one key point from the paper
Cite the supporting literature
Discuss the implications of the key point
Cite the supporting literature


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