W#12 Health Promotion

Overview: In reading your assigned textbook chapters and select articles, and reviewing the CDC website link   CDC: Intimate Partner Violence //www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/intimatepartnerviolence/index.html
on Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), you will have looked at both ends of the spectrum – from disparity to privilege—and at triggers, which are not bound by any social class, leading to intimate partner violence. Consider the following:
1. Does trauma-informed care apply to IPV? Why or why not?
2. Review the maternal and infant mortality statistics within our country and your state. Do you note any disparity?
3. How can “privilege” become a beacon for change?
4. Intimate partner violence expresses a need for power and control by many methods. Would you recognize them all?
5. Is there a path that most violent individuals follow?
Reflect on the content presented and submit a one- to two-page journal (this does not include the title or reference pages) providing an example of how you have been witness to IPV, disparity, and or privilege and outline how you, as an APRN, can recognize and reduce violence and health disparity in women. 
– Please include at least 3 scholarly sources within your initial post.
– APA style.
– Turnitin Assignment (No plagiarism)
Note: My background for you to have as a reference: I am currently enrolled in the Psych Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program, I am a Registered Nurse. I work in a Psychiatric Hospital.

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W#12 Health Promotion
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