Week 13: Discussion: Hats, Learning, Capabilities

Under Formulating Your Brief, Kirk (2019) presented the list of roles or “hats” of data visualization design.  In 2012, the author presented the same topic but with a total of 8 “hats”.  After reading the information from 2012 (his discussion and the slide presentation he includes), compare the information discussed in our text.  Please provide your perspective why there is a change from 2012 to 2019.  This perspective would be your own opinion. This would not be research discovered about the differences from another source.  Please include the following:

1. What are the similarities and the differences in these two lists of roles?

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Week 13: Discussion: Hats, Learning, Capabilities
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2. Why do you think the list has been refined to the list presented in 2019?

3. What is your suggestion for the next revision and why?


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