Week 3 Report

Critically Analyzing Research Studies
For this course, you will have a course project that includes the written assignments in Week 1–5. The Week 3 and Week 5assignments are considered major assignments, which combined are worth almost half of the total course points. It will likely take you more than one week to complete the Week 3 and Week 5 major assignments, so begin working on those tasks sooner rather than later.
The course project assignment each week is designed to help you develop skills in critically analyzing and using research studies published in peer-reviewed journals. These resources are critical to the development of your own research agenda and designing of your own research studies.
Week 3
From the South University Online Library, locate and read the following article:
DeCooman, R., DeGieter, S., Pepermans, R., Hermans, S., DuBois, C., Caers, R., & Jegers, M. (2009). Person-organization fit: Testing socialization and attraction-selection-attrition hypotheses. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 74(1), 102-107.
Research two other, more recent peer-reviewed journals on a similar topic or some aspect of the DeCooman et al. (2009) article.
In your paper, address the following:

Summarize each study. Your summary of each article should be sufficient to provide a clear understanding of the purpose of the study, the method used, and the findings. You should be able to summarize an individual study in one or two paragraphs.
Compare the research questions and/or hypotheses of the studies, including which study provides the strongest support for its questions/hypotheses (and why).
Assess the research design of each study, including which study has the strongest design (and why). (For example, How is the study going to collect data? Who is it going to collect data from? What are the designed processes? What controls are evident? etc.).
Evaluate each study’s analysis and interpretation of the data. What critical questions do you have? Which study seems to make the strongest claims (and why)?
Assess the proposed future research of each study. Are there other research questions that should be asked based upon your synthesis of the three articles?

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Week 3 Report
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Submission Details:

Submit your answers in an 8- to 10-page Microsoft Word document.


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