Week 9 Discussion: Communicating Data

Gathering background information is critical for producing records, reports, and other criminal justice documents. Not only does your presentation of the information need to be clear and concise, but the information should be gathered from reliable and credible resources.
Imagine you have been asked to complete an executive summary on a criminal justice policy related to recidivism rates, gun control, victimization, or any other criminal justice topic of interest to you. Consider how you would get started to begin gathering your research. What places would you visit to gather your data? Examples include United States Department of Justice databases, journals, and general databases.
By Day 4 of Week 9
Juvenile Delinquency (Criminal Justice Area of Interested)
Post an explanation of the criminal justice area you are interested in that you have been working on since Module 2. Provide a list of the five information sources you selected that would be appropriate for the area you have been researching in this course. (Note: Examples might include United States Department of Justice databases, National Criminal Justice Reference Service, and Criminal Justice Database from the Walden Library. The information resources are not specific articles.) Explain how you identified your information resources as credible and reliable.

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Week 9 Discussion: Communicating Data
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