Welcome letter for toddlers due in 5 hours

The welcome letter is for a toddler’s classroom and is due in 5 hours.. an example is attached

We will be sending out a letter in the mail to welcome your new students to your classroom. This gets the parents and students excited for their new transition into your room. The Lower School and Upper School sends these out already and I think this is a fun item to add to our preschool. I am going to attach an example that Mrs. Toothman sent out to her class last year. Please be extra and make this a fun piece of mail for the students. You can include a picture of you and your family, some stickers, maybe some confetti, etc. Get creative and have fun. This isn’t the same letter that you put in your welcome packets for meet the teacher. I will need this letter  by June 30th with anything you want to include so that we can get these put in the mail.

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Welcome letter for toddlers due in 5 hours
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