Wells Fargo Scandal

Hey Everyone,

Thought a new thread may be easier for everyone to find their assignments in. Below is a list of the parts each person is responsible for. Each person needs to write at least 170 words minimum. Including using one scholarly source each. We all also need to use the same bible style. I guess maybe all use ESV style for bible references. Everyone is responsible for their own references and citations in your portion of the paper. Then each person will submit your paper to Jessica through the file exchange. Jessica is the only person that actually submits the entire final paper. Jessica will also be in charge of proofreading, making sure the paper is one seamless paper. Not just copy and pasting (per the instructions). Jessica will also create the title page, header, page numbers, full reference page, and such requirements per the APA style.  This paper is due next Monday, but it has to be run through safe assign before submitting. Our papers will need to be sent to Jessica probably by Saturday at the latest, so she will have time to finalize the paper and submit it through safe assign. 

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Wells Fargo Scandal
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Intro/conclusion/proofreading: Jessica

1. Worldcom-
Scandal: Kayla 
Biblical View: Adrianna
2. Enron-
Scandal: Miranda
Biblical View: Elizabeth  
3. Wells Fargo-
Scandal: Sarah 

Biblical view: Megan 

I think that covers everything. I think I got the few ones that have asked for a specific part right too. If not, please correct it however needed. Also feel free to add in anything I left out. 


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