Why Have You Decided To Pursue A Graduate Program At This Time?

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Why Have You Decided To Pursue A Graduate Program At This Time?
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Cyber security

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April 29, 2019

Cyber Security


Cyber security is my area of interest in Information technology. Cyber security implies the variety of innovations, practices, and strategies proposed to guarantee projects, devices, programs, unapproved access and information from threats. Cyber security may moreover be implied as security of information technology. Cyber security is in light of the fact that the financial, medical, corporate, government and military associations accrue, procedure, and store an outstanding volume of data on the computer or different frameworks (kaspersky, n.d.).

As the cybercrimes are expanded with uncontrolled way, it is compulsory a ton do some solid research in this area which is the fundamental intention of my Ph.D. study into in this area. As the size and attacks and breaches enhancement develop, organizations and companies, for the most part, those that are appointed with ensuring information perceiving with economic records, or national security, must discover a method to ensure their business and data of staff.


I’ve valued my instructive work until now. However, I really sense I have turned out to be more to deal as a free researcher. I’m likewise fanatical about the cyber security and don’t feel plentiful politeness has been paid to the request I’m observing to talk. This study give vast development in prospects of learning, is technically knowledgeable study, and the dare related with this study draw in me to follow my study in this field.

I pick the University of the Cumberlands since this university has conveyed researchers with the atmosphere to revolute their lives through approachable plans and a remarkable degree educational programs (University of Cumberlands, n.d.). Likewise, their rich record of supporting individual and capable development proceeds over their groundbreaking strategy to learning based on the internet.


Like every person, I also have my own weakness and own strengths.


· Don’t like to poke my nose in other’s business.

· Decent correspondent.

· Confident.

· Time management skills.

· Skill to handle the situation in pressure.

· I am dedicated to my work.

· I can enjoy my own company.

· Can solve determination.

My own strengths are making me stronger and motivate me to research with more dedication.


· Adjournment.

· Emotional.

· Heartbreak can make me upset.

· Wanting to switch too many features of a condition.

· Can cry in other’s pain.

· Annoyed.

· Easily attached to anyone.

· Can cry in other’s pain.

I do not want that this weakness affects my research so I keep my weakness away from my research and focus more on the research more than my weakness.


The cyber security future is exceptionally immense, from a perspective of technology, the cyber concerns will be changed expressively; progressively new structures bring new hitches. With the expansion of the multifaceted nature and network in the system of new evolving structures are being abused by cyber breaches. These breaches place a trade, cyber security of the nation, the economy of nation, and business in threat (Alqahtani, 2016). Cyber-attackers follow the fallout of a business equivalent to reputational and financial threats, affecting costs and put an impact on the expense.

Whenever I complete my Ph.D. from the University of Cumberlands, I will enhance my career as a professional in cyber security, and I have a strong desire to develop a structure to make a safe world of internet for the upcoming generation.

References Alqahtani, H. S. (2016). Latest Trends and Future Directions of Cyber Security. Journal of Information Engineering and Applications, 6(11), 9-14. kaspersky. (n.d.). What is Cyber-Security? Retrieved from kaspersky: https://www.kaspersky.co.in/resource-center/definitions/what-is-cyber-security uofcumberlands. (n.d.). About Us. Retrieved from University of Cumberlands: https://www.uofcumberlands.com/about?SearchEngine=Googlec&SearchEngineCampaign=Brand+%7C+University+of+the+Cumberlands&SearchKeyword=university%20of%20the%20cumberlands&ClientMarketingCampaignID=72&VendorAccountID=41900&gclid=Cj0KCQjw7sDlBRC9ARIsAD-pDFqBT


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