Windshield Survey

INSTRUCTION FROM PROFESSORWatch: Parks, C. (2019, October 23). Community Health Nursing- Community Assessment and Community Health Plan . YouTube. a windshield survey for your community (where you currently live): A windshield survey is an initial look at the community through a car’s windshield. The observer uses their senses (i.e., sight, hearing, and smell) to learn about the community. During the drive, make observations and assess factors that impact health. The windshield survey can lead to a more comprehensive assessment by raising awareness of issues for further analysis. During the drive, look for the answers to the following questions: GENERAL: What are the demographics of the community? Use statistics from the local/city, government websites (e.g., age, ethnicity, education, income). RESOURCE: What resources do you see available in the community? Resources may include libraries, community center, youth centers, churches, and other features that may provide support to the community members. HOUSING: Are most of the housing in the community, single-family or apartments? What is the condition of the housing? Homelessness? Any homeless shelter? If none, where is the closest one? JOBS: What types of jobs are available in the community? Would people in the area likely hold these jobs? FOOD: What types of grocery stores are available in the community? A lot of fast food chains? Is there a Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) center and Food bank in the community? If not, where are the closest ones? TRANSPORTATION: How do people get around in the community? Is public transportation available? EXERCISE: What opportunities are available for exercise? Are parks available? Any recreational centers? Do the neighborhoods appear safe to walk in? HEALTH CARE: Where can people go for healthcare services (e.g., medical, dental, vision)? Any free/low cost clinics? Any drug/alcohol rehabilitation centers? Indicate the locations of Family planning clinics/Plan Parenthood. CHALLENGE: What challenges/barriers (lack of resources) did you observe? ENVIRONMENT: What is a potential environmental health risk you noticed? INTERVENTION IDEAS: What kind of prevention measures or interventions would you (a PHN) conduct to minimize the hazardous exposure or to improve the health of your community? NOTE: In many areas, homelessness rate is seriously increasing. The homeless population is a very vulnerable population for many issues especially mental health and infectious disease(s). They are various aspects of homeless services. Housing is one of them. However, as a PHN, what kind of interventions or services you can bring to this population? Read this article to give you some ideas- Submit your findings using PowerPoint (1-2 slides per item = 11-22 slides excluding cover and reference pages) via the Windshield Survey Assignment Link.Notes: Be reminded to indicate which city you survey on the cover page. Youmust take pictures and add them to your PowerPoint. However, do not take pictures of individuals/clients in the community. The safest way to complete this is to have one person drive and another person take pictures for the Windshield Survey PowerPoint. An exemplar of the PowerPoint is attached- Windshield Survey- Example (S21).pptx Criteria for Evaluation:Comprehensive: Address all questions Engagement: Substantive, showing interest of learning, insightful PowerPoint: Concise (minimum of 12 slides & no more than 20 slides in total), contains appropriate photos, correct APA citations and references FROM STUDENT: This is a powerpoint on resources available in my community. I have attached an example powerpoint of what a student did last semester. You can do something very similar but it has to be on my community which is SUNLAND, CALIFORNIA. If you google it, it may come up as Sunland-Tujunga but it is ok to just refer to my city as Sunland. The assignment wants me to take pics of my neighborhood but you can just add some google pics. If you search Sunland California it comes up as the first few, there is a welcome sign, a popeyes, a 7/11. Our main street is Foothill Blvd. With the questions, please google. But I can tell you we have a few churches in the area, Sunland Recreation Center, two nursing homes, a library, YMCA is close. We have 3 adult day care centers which is great for the elderly. We have both single family homes and apartments, a good combination of both. We do have homeless people, a few tents….but not a dramatic amount. No homeless shelters nearby. We have fast food jobs, groceries, small businesses like mom and pop cafes/diners, it is mostly fast food or small family owned food places, not much chains or nice restaurants. We have a few medical clinics. No hospital in Sunland or Tujunga. No major surgery centers, no big facilities. No WIC or food bank. Lots of fast food. Ralphs and Vons grocery stores and some small family ones. Cars and buses are transportation. No metro. One addiction treatment center (12 step sober living) which is in “shadow Hills” but that is very close to sunland like attached. But nothing specifically in Sunland. No planned parenthood. Health risks: homelessness. Challenges: access to healthier food.

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Windshield Survey
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