wine making

DISCUSSION QUESTION 1) Week #4’s PART ONE online lecture relates to i) overview of winemaking process, and ii) WHITE wine making.  You are asked to watch the overview of winemaking process (module A – Part ONE online lecture) and white wine making in Burgundy (Module C – Part ONE online lecture).  After watching these resources, what three lessons you learned? Two of three lessons should be related to specific points addressed in Burgundy’s white wine making video clip.  Try hard to ensure that your responses show that you actually watched, absorbed, and thought about contents in the video clips and Part ONE lecture files.
DISCUSSION QUESTION 2) Week #4’s Part TWO online lecture relates to i) wine making process, and ii) RED wine making. You can find a video file relating to red wine making in Burgundy (Module 3, Part TWO online lecture file).  In that video, you can find that different regions have different wine-making processes and methods.  Please explain at least three unique (or interesting) methods/approaches to red wine-making in Burgundy (France).  Again, I recommend you to watch Part TWO online lecture files before responding to this question.  
DISCUSSION QUESTION 3) Technology and new developments have impacted the wine industry and wine business in many different ways.  Week #4 briefly looks at new trends in micro-oxygenation, and at concrete barrels, in the red-wine making process.  Conduct your own research relating to emerging technology trends in the wine industry and wine business. Select TWO specific technological examples you would like to share with your classmates.  What are your main takeaways from these two examples?  
Note that you easily can find techno examples relating to wine-making (e.g., harvesting, sorting, filtering, fermentation, aging, bottling… However, for this discussion question your response also can focus on technological examples which

do influence the future of the wine industry and wine businesses, 
but do not relate to enhancing customer experience, wine tasting, and food-pairing (these are Week #5’s topics).  

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You are required to use at least two separate online articles (please include in-text citation and the full citation list).  
Discussion Question 4) After learning Week #4 online lessons, what are your main takeaways for understanding i) differences between red-winemaking and white-white making and ii) science of aging wine (note- you can find the video clip in Module 3, Part TWO online lecture).  Certainly you can include other main lessons you learned (i.e., responses that are not overlapped with questions 1, 2 and 3), but you are required to address these two specific points.
At the end of your response, please include one interesting question your classmate(s) can help in finding answers for you.  Your question please must relate to Week #4 lesson topics. 


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